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Asez stands for Save the Earth from A to Z, 它是一个国际组织,由大学和高中生从世界宣教会的上帝教会成立. However, Asez提供一个地方,让年轻的成年人领袖即使不参加教会,也可以参加志愿服务和学术圣经研讨会. This group focuses on several projects that implement the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), 哪一套目标是每个国家的所有社区在2030年之前必须实现的. In order to accomplish those goals, 澳门新银河正在通过两项运动将其付诸实践,即共同减少犯罪和S.A.V.E. ASEZ promotes unity, friendship, 并与地球村的所有人分享母亲的爱,超越国籍, race, religion and socioeconomic. 除了志愿者活动,澳门新银河还通过历史事实和现代科学等学术观点,提供对圣经奥秘的更深入的理解.

Learn more about Asez by going to www.asez.org and follow us on Instagram: @asezeastcoastusa

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澳门新银河(NJCU)生物俱乐部的宗旨是将学生聚集在一起,并鼓励生物和健康相关领域的活动,从而使澳门新银河的社区受益. NJCU生物俱乐部旨在为学生提供更多了解生物科学的机会, build resumes, and increase awareness about the ongoing events in the sciences. 澳门新银河也愿意帮助任何想要探索生物相关职业的学生, like pre-meds, dental, graduate (Ph.D) and nursing programs, and much more. 澳门新银河将为所有感兴趣的学生创造一个积极的氛围,让他们能够参与到与生物相关的活动中, meetings, discussions, and trips. For those interested in these events, 学生还将接受有关环境和各种生物(及相关)科学的教育. 澳门新银河还努力通过志愿服务提高个人对社会角色和责任的认识, completing charity projects, and community service.

整个学期,澳门新银河也会举办许多节日和特殊的活动. Finally, 澳门新银河的生物俱乐部是开放的,接受所有的专业,每个人都感到被包容和尊重.

Club email: biologyclubnjcu@gmail.com Instagram: @njcubioclub / Twitter: @njcubioclub

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化学俱乐部成立的目的是通过提供与化学科学相关的教育信息和活动,使学生参与科学. 它是美国化学学会的一个分会,美国化学学会是一个致力于丰富和发展化学的世界性组织. We invite, motivate, 并鼓励学生探索化学与世界联系的多种方式. 澳门新银河为学生提供在化学领域的就业机会,并让学生接触到多样化的化学社区,从而有机会培养领导能力和批判性思维技能.

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CRU Logo

NJCU Cru是一个寻求影响和赋权学生的无教派基督教组织, while living the lives of significance to make a positive impact on campus. NJCU的Cru主办了非常强大和有活力的每周聚会,其中有许多机会通过和关于神的话语来参与团契和对话.

通过这样做,澳门新银河希望激发学生的活跃思维和校园互动. 澳门新银河知道大学生活充满挑战,但澳门新银河来这里是为了帮助缓解压力. We’d love to meet you! Our meetings are Monday’s 4:00PM (Gsub 217)

Last Friday of every month JCRU @8pm (Rutgers).

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Environmental Club logo

Are you an activist? Do you care about helping the Earth? Want to make effective changes and expand your resume at the same time? Then look no further! NJCU环境俱乐部是一个学生网络,他们通过志愿服务合作建立一个更绿色的校园和社区, education, and advocacy. Getting involved is easy! E-mail us at: njcuenviroclub@gmail.com, or DM our Instagram page @njcu.enviroclub, to become a member and learn more.

Instagram: @njcu_hsso

LGBTQ+ Alliance Logo

LGBTQIA+联盟的使命是为女同性恋者提供一个安全的社交空间, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual students, and allies on the NJCU campus. Throughout the year, the Alliance sponsors programs and events that raise awareness, increase visibility, and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. These events include National Coming Out Day, Lavender Graduation, and LGBT Pride Month in addition to other social, activism and service events. General membership meetings will be held biweekly during the semester. 欢迎所有已注册的本科生和研究生加入联盟或参加联盟活动.

Email: njcualliance@gmail.com

Instagram: @njcualliance

MSA logo

澳门新银河(NJCU)穆斯林学生协会(MSA)是由不同种族背景的穆斯林学生创建的,他们聚在一起,通过为社区提供安全的空间,帮助培育不断扩大的伊斯兰知识和经验平台. MSA行动的基础是古兰经和Sunnah(先知穆罕默德的教导PBUH)。. MSA寻求在校园环境中拥抱伊斯兰的价值观,以满足穆斯林的需要在校园:

a) Facilitating the growth of a strong Muslim identity at NJCU;

b) Providing and maintaining spiritual, social, and educational resources; c) Sponsoring programming and events that counteract the negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims that are commonplace in American society;


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USRC logo

Interested in doing research? Come check us out! A little bit about us: USRC is a club, created a while back, to support students in the world of research. 澳门新银河致力于为对研究有兴趣的本科生提供宝贵的经验. Topics can vary from science based subjects to english to psychology to much more! 澳门新银河在整个学期举办各种各样的活动,在那里你可以与他人建立联系和网络. Recently, the club decided to host summer research zoom talks. 由于流感大流行,研究在夏天被取消了,所以e-board和Dr. Coleman thought this would be a good way to still "perform" or talk about research! Adding onto that, USRC hosts fundraisers, blood drives, meetings and much more! These are some of the club’s contributions to NJCU students. 如果你们有兴趣,在新生迎新期间来USRC谈谈! Looking forward to speaking with you all! Contact info: Email: usrc.njcu@gmail.com

Instagram: @usrc.njcu

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