Operations & Innovation

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Operations & Innovation

Aaron Aska
Aaron Aska, Ed.D., Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

The NJCU Division of Operations and Innovation serves the University by creating and sustaining the resources that enable it to achieve its mission and become a premier metropolitan institution of higher education. As the primary stewards of New Jersey City University’s human, fiscal, physical and technological assets, the Division coordinates University-wide planning, budgeting, and policy analysis; maintains the physical environment; provides University-wide technology support and services; oversees human resource management; ensures the safety and security of the campus and community; and directs auxiliary and operational services. The Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Operations and Innovation is Dr. Aaron Aska

In partnership with the Divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Advancement, the Division is actively engaged in several strategic activities that will power institutional success. These include:

  • A Campus Master Plan, using planned enrollment growth as its foundation and incorporating the University’s projected space needs for classrooms and laboratories, academic and administrative offices, and recreation and athletics
  • A Capital Renewal Program, based on a comprehensive facilities assessment study of the condition of buildings and building systems, including mechanical and electrical
  • A Bond Issue in the amount of $30 million to support the immediate and high priority deferred maintenance tasks identified in the facilities assessment
  • A very favorable Bond Rating from both Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings in support of the planned bond issue
  • The inception of work in the infrastructure of the West Campus and funding through $16 million in low-interest loans from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust

The departments within the Division continue to seek and apply new solutions that drive continuous improvement and deliver quality services to the University Community.

Operations and Innovation Responsibilities

The following NJCU offices are directed by the Division of Operations and Innovation:

In every activity, it is the goal of NJCU Operations and Innovation to help set the high standards that guide the University financially.