How to Submit Work

Photo of Illustration of a person breathing up into the sky with the decorative word "Breathe"

How to Submit Work

How has the pandemic affected you?

Documenting COVID-19 is an ongoing multidisciplinary online exhibit and archive that documents a community response to the pandemic and its impact on our lives.

How have you been directly affected by the pandemic? What have you learned about yourself, others, and the world during this time? What would you like to share with your community during a time when community is needed the most?

We invite submissions from NJCU students (current and past), faculty/staff, and our local and global communities that express your experiences of the pandemic. We seek submissions from all disciplines, including arts, sciences, social sciences, business, and professional programs

Visual Art

Design, drawing, painting, illustration, photograph, sculpture, and video.

Text and Audio-Based

Charts and graphs, email correspondence, essays, interviews, memoirs, reports, research projects, personal narratives, poems, and fiction.


Podcasts, interviews, original music, spoken word, poetry, and audio.


Short film/video, podcast, blog postings, social media, website, multimedia documentation of music, dance, and performance.

Accepted file types include .jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .pub, .mp3, .mp4. File sizes cannot exceed 1GB each. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.