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Council on Hispanic Affairs

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Established in 1982, the Council on Hispanic Affairs (CHA) of New Jersey City University has served the University community, the residents of Hudson County, and the citizens of New Jersey. Its membership consists of volunteer students, faculty, and staff. The Council's primary goal is to increase the awareness of and appreciation for the contributions of Latin American cultures and traditions.

CHA is an advocacy group that engages in broad outreach efforts extending to all segments of the Hudson County community and beyond, from elementary schools to senior citizen organizations. The annual Hispanic Heritage Month and scores of cultural events such as festivals, lectures, and film series, mentor programs in school districts, and scholarship fundraising dinners are among the many activities sponsored by the Council.

The Council on Hispanic Affairs promotes to achieve and engage the University community stewardship of education, leadership and culture through Hispanic representation and interest in a Hispanic Serving Institution; Support increased visibility and opportunities for Hispanics in our University Community achieving long life academic and professional success; Continue to be partners in collaboration with the Jersey City Community and beyond aligned with the mission and vision of New Jersey City University.

Executive Board 2022:

Ms. Bernadette Schery, CHA President (Interim)

Ms. Randi Fontanez, CHA Vice President (Interim)

Ms. Karina Serrano, CHA Secretary

Mr. Jonathan Telleria, CHA Treasurer

Ms. Loyda Goldston, Public Relations

Mr. Michael Sims, Marketing (Interim)

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