Miscellaneous Fees

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Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fee rate lists

Miscellaneous fee rates are subject to Board of Trustees approval. The approval for the academic year typically takes place in late June or early July each year. Many of these fees are mandatory for those students meeting certain criteria. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts for further clarification on any of the fees listed below.


2021 - 2022 Miscellaneous Fees

Name of Fee Cost
Undergraduate Application Fee - Paper: $50.00
Undergraduate Admission Deposit $50.00
Accelerated Nursing Degree Program Admission Deposit $500.00
Graduate Application Fee $55.00
Late Registration Fee $75.00
Returned Check Charge $40.00
Late Payment Fee $75.00
Orientation Fee $50.00
Graduation Clearance Fee $100.00
Laboratory Fees Determined by Course
Clinical Practice II Fee $150.00
Clinical Practice I Fee $65.00
School of Nursing Internship $150.00
MDT Piano Accompaniment Fee $260.00
MDT Practice Room Fee $80.00
Parking Fee - Lot 7 Gothic Card ID $4.00
Parking Fee - Lot 7 Daily Rate $7.00
Parking Fee - GSUB Garage Gothic Card ID $8.00

Parking Fee - GSUB Garage Daily Rate

Transcript Fee - Same Day Service (Per Copy) $10.00
One-Time Transcript Fee (1st Semester of Attendance) $25.00
Identification Card (Replacement) $10.00
Duplicate Diploma Fee $25.00
Readmission Fee $50.00
Study Abroad Fee $150.00
National Student Exchange Fee $325.00
Opt-Out of Barnes and Noble First Day Complete $24 per credit