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About the African and African American Studies Program

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The African and African American Studies Program provides students with a strong interdisciplinary foundation in the histories, cultures, politics, and critical and creative production of African, African American, and African-descended people worldwide. The program focuses on core knowledges that help students develop strong analytical skills to examine the multiple ways that African-descended peoples have continued to shape ideas and culture, nationally and globally.

The minor complements all majors. Students in the humanities, arts, social sciences, business, and education, for example, will find that a minor in African and African American studies helps deepens their understanding of the world in which we live and prepares them to excel in their professional and social lives.

Requirements for the Minor

Students who minor in African and African-American Studies will take 18 credits or six (6) courses. Required Courses may be taken in any order; but they must be taken before the restricted electives.

Required Courses:   9
AFRO 101 The African Diaspora 3
AFRO 125 African American History: From Africa to Emancipation 3
AFRO 164 Introduction to African Civilizations 3
Restricted Electives
(Choose 9 credits from the following list):


AFRO 106 Black Cultural Studies 3
AFRO 140 African American History: From Emancipation to the Present 3
AFRO 215 American Civil Rights Movement 3
AFRO 285 Modern Africa 3
Total Credits   18

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