B.S. in Business Analytics and Data Science Overview

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B.S. in Business Analytics and Data Science Overview

The NJCU School of Business at New Jersey City University has launched a new Bachelor of Science degree program in Business Analytics and Data Science designed to prepare students for careers in the field of data analytics. The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Data Science program will prepare students with the skills needed to gather, store, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data to facilitate data-driven business decision making. 

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Demand for Data Scientists

The world is becoming increasing data driven. As Andrew McAfee, a prominent MIT researcher on the impact of digital technologies on the world said, “The world is a big data problem.” Business decisions are ever more reliant on big data and analytics than even a decade back. Data is the new raw material for business. Thus, there is a huge demand for professionals with analytics skills who can extract value from data and help in the data driven decision making process. Business Analytics (Data Analytics) professionals are in high demand in the industry, as evidenced by a recent study by IBM which shows that by 2020 the number of data analytics jobs are projected to grow by 364,000 to 2,720,000.

Program Description

The program is designed to provide students with real world experiences in data driven decision making. Students will learn cutting edge analytical skills, including popular machine learning techniques such as Deep Learning, and use software tools that are currently popular in the industry. Graduates of the program will be thoroughly prepared to hit the ground running when they enter the workforce.

Curriculum (Common Core Requirement 33 credits) 

MGMT 225 Business Enterprise Applications 

MGMT 251 Operations and Project Management Fundamentals 

MGMT 203 Business Statistics

MGMT 211 Principles of Management 

MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

MGMT 241 Global Business

ACCT 251 Financial Accounting

ACCT 252 Management Accounting

ACCT 281 Business Law I

FINC 371 Managerial Finance

MGMT 411 Business Policy

Specialization Requirement (24 credits)

  • Introduction to Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Statistical and Mathematical Foundations for Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Programming basics for Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Basics of Data Collection, Data Warehousing and Data Cleansing
  • Introduction to Forecasting Models and Experimental Design for Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Fundamentals of Data Visualization for Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Principles of Machine learning
  • Seminar/Capstone in Business Analytics and Data Science

Electives (18 credits)

Student may take approved electives in general business or across disciplines including but not limited to courses from Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Computer Science, Political Science, GeoScience.


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