Program Description

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Program Description

M.S. in Business Analytics and Data Science Program Description

Two Meeting Patterns:

  • 16 month accelerated program
  • 2 year part time program

In addition to being offered as a flexible full-time/part-time program spread over four or more semesters, the Master of Science features a cohort-based accelerated 16 month immersion program meeting on Friday evenings and all day Saturdays.

The M.S in Business Analytics and Data Science program will be fully geared towards practice. Students learning experiences will be grounded in real world contexts. Students will learn analytical skills and use software tools that are currently popular in the industry, to find solutions to business data analysis problems that are commonly encountered in practice. Students will also learn the ethical responsibilities of working with large amounts of data, which in many cases could be private. Graduates of the program will be thoroughly prepared to take on the role of a data scientist in the industry.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics and Data Sciences will require the completion of 33 credits (9 core courses and 2 electives). The electives allow students to explore more specialized topics in business analytics and data science. The program culminates in a capstone project that applies the knowledge gained to a real-world data science problems.