School 护理, Graduate Certificate

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The School Nurse 认证 at NJCU is a robust graduate-level certificate program designed to prepare bachelor’s-prepared registered nurses for the specialty practice of school nursing. The program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education in meeting requirements for the Standard Non-Instructional (N.J.A.C.6A:9B-14.4) and Standard (Instructional) School Nurse Endorsement (N.J.A.C.6A:9B-14.3). 

Admission Criteria for School Nurse Certificate Program

  • Completed online application and non-refundable $55 application fee
  • Official transcripts from all previous U.S. colleges attended or official NACES course-by-course evaluation of any foreign transcripts*
  • Submission of a 250-500-word essay discussing goals and objectives for pursuing admission to the intended program
  • 专业简历
  • Copy of current, unencumbered NJ nursing license


  • BSN degree from an ACEN or CCNE-accredited institution that is also a regionally accredited college/university
  • Undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 3.4的值为0或更高.0点规模

School nursing is a dynamic, complex, and evolving specialty practice. School nurses serve an essential role in assuring healthy equity and academic success for all children. They bridge the gap between health and education, 确保所有孩子, 不管他们的健康状况如何, 经济, 或社会地位, have an opportunity for optimum wellness and educational achievement. School nurses provide health services, coordinate care for students with chronic or acute health conditions to minimize disruptions in learning, 进行健康检查, 开展疾病监测, and connect families with needed services. The school nurse’s effectiveness in meeting the needs of students and the school community are dependent on the nurse’s knowledge, 技能, 和资源, combined with his/her ability to effectively apply them in the school setting.

The primary goal of the School Nurse 认证 Program at NJCU is to prepare registered nurses with the advanced nursing knowledge and 技能 required to care for diverse populations of students in the K-12 educational setting. Using the Whole School, Whole 社区, Whole Child Model (WSCC) (CDC & ASCD, 2015)方法, the program emphasizes graduate-level competencies identified in School 护理 Scope & 业务标准(ANA & 美国航天局, 2017), and prepares nurses to apply principles of the Framework for 21st Century School Practice™ (美国航天局, 2016) in the provision of required school health services for students and families.

澳门新银河 has a proud and long-standing history of preparing nurses for this challenging, autonomous and multifaceted role. Previously located in the Health Sciences Department, the School Nurse 认证 Program has recently undergone curricular redesign, and is now located in the 护理 Department. The new graduate-level nursing program builds on nursing baccalaureate education, by emphasizing evidence-based practice, 领导能力, and principles of population health. 专为成人学习者设计, the program provides seamless learning experiences and professional growth opportunities to support nurses’ career trajectories.

School Nurse Certificate 需求





Role of the School Nurse I: Care Coordination



Role of the School Nurse II: Reducing Barriers to Health & 学习











Upon successful completion of the above 15 credits students are eligible for the Non-Instructional School Nurse Certificate

School Nurse Certificate 需求
课程# 课程名称 学分


课程设计、开发 & Evaluation in School Health Education





*614年历史 is a prerequisite for 616年历史

**616年历史, 600年历史 and 642年历史 are prerequisites for 672年历史

*** nurs 616 nurs 600 nurs 642 & 622年历史 are prerequisite for 673年历史

Upon successful completion of the above 21 credits students are eligible for the Standard (Instructional) School Nurse Certificate

 *Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0保留在程序中.

Upon successful completion of this program students may apply for admission into the Master of Science in 护理 with a Specialization in School 护理 Degree Program. If accepted, all 21 credits taken in the certification can be applied to this degree


Students who complete the School Nurse Specialization Program at NJCU 将能够:

  1. Assimilate the role of the school nurse in schools and communities with diverse populations.
  2. Demonstrate competencies in using evidence-based practice to design, 实现, and evaluate nursing services and health education curricula in schools and communities.