Instructional Continuity

Instructional Continuity: Tips for Continuing Instruction at NJCU

This document is a starting point for all NJCU instructors on what to do in order to continue instruction in the event of an emergency that causes the campus to close.

The following are methods by which NJCU instructors will be able to communicate and continue providing instruction to students in the event of an interruption to our typical and physical access to the campus. We have also provided a list of support services, 材料, and other helpful information that are and will be available to all NJCU instructors.


During a period of campus interruption instructors are asked to ensure that students are still meeting the required seat time for the course. Online courses can be continued to be taught as normal. 然而, face-to-face and blended courses must find ways to replace the physical presence in the classroom.

Instructors who need assistance are asked to please reach out to the Department of 在线学习 at 或在201-200-3449.  联系 部门的 for assistance with 黑板上 or other technical support issues.

The Department of 在线学习 and the Department of Information Technology recommends the following to continue instruction:

Delivery of course 材料:

  • NJCU’s learning management system 黑板上 can be used to upload course 材料, 阅读, and directions to students. All courses at NJCU have a 黑板上 course available at
    • Students are enrolled in a Cyberprimer course in 黑板上 that features tutorials on using 黑板上.
  • 教师可以使用 黑板上 Collaborate to host live synchronous discussions with students. Instructors can create a room and share their audio, video, and computer desktop to facilitate lectures or discussions with the class. Sessions can be recorded and shared for later viewing.
  • 变焦 is another live synchronous as well as asynchronous tool that is available to all 教师, 教职员工和学生. 
  • Panopto is a desktop recording tool that allows instructors to record their desktop with audio or video and upload it to a cloud-based server. Instructors can embed their videos in 黑板上 to share among their class.
    • Get started using Panopto by attending training. 在这里提交请求. (Lecture Capturing using Panopto)
  • Outside of NJCU solutions there are simple tools that instructors can use to record their instruction. Recording basic videos through their smartphone or tablet, narrate using the voice over tool in PowerPoint, or use YouTube to upload video 材料.

Collecting assessments:

Interacting with students:

  • 使用 the 黑板上 announcement tool to send announcements to your class.
  • 使用 GothicNet to easily send emails to all students in your class. 下面是产品说明:
    • Instructors should log into GothicNet.
    • Step 1- After logging into GothicNet, navigate to the 教师 Homepage. 
    • Step 2 – Select 教师 Center tile and access your class roster to notify all students in your class.
  • Connect with students using the NJCUmobile 应用程序.  (Available for iOS and Android)
    • Access your courses in 黑板上 Mobile Learn.
    • Obtain NJCU emergency information.
    • Stay up to date on campus h应用程序enings and athletic events and scores.
    • Search the NJCU 图书馆 catalog.
    • 和更多的.
  • Stay in contact with students using NJCU邮件.
  • Create discussions in 黑板上 for student-to-student and instructor-to-student interactions.