NJCU’s Educational Technology Department Holds Maker's Day Event Thanks to Grant Funding from New Jersey Maker’s Day

March 15, 2023
New Jersey Maker's Day

JERSEY CITY, N.J. | The New Jersey City University (NJCU) Educational Technology Department has announced that it has been awarded a $500 grant from New Jersey Maker’s Day to support its upcoming Maker's Day event on Friday, March 24, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in NJCU’s Gilligan Student Union Building (GSUB) on the University’s main campus in Jersey City. The event is free and open to public school teachers, administrators, and parents of students with disabilities with required advanced registration.

The 2023 
Maker’s Day at NJCU is a daylong STEM event designed to inspire students to be creative, innovative, and inventive. It will feature a variety of hands-on activities and workshops, including robotics, 3D printing, coding, and more. The Educational Technology Department will work with the Jersey City Public Schools, A. Harry Moore, and New Jersey Maker’s Day to provide resources and materials for the event.

"We are honored to receive this grant, which will help us bring Maker's Day to life and provide our students with hands-on opportunities to explore their interests in technology and engineering for real-life applications," said Dr. Laura Zieger, Chairperson of the Department of Educational Technology. "This event is an excellent opportunity for students to apply what they have been learning with their teachers and to develop new skills in taking everyday objects and making them more accessible that will serve themselves and others well in the future."

The grant will be used to purchase materials and supplies, cover technology costs, and provide a day of making for educational professionals as well as parents or caregivers of students with disabilities. The Educational Technology Department is excited to collaborate with Jersey City Public Schools and the A. Harry Moore School to provide an inclusive and engaging experience for educators.

For more information about Maker's Day at NJCU, please contact Dr. Christopher Shamburg at cshamburg@mrshaydenworld.com.

A. Harry Moore Contact:
Jason Jusino
School Principal at A Harry Moore
For more information go to gothicnet.mrshaydenworld.com/edtech

About NJCU:
New Jersey City University is an institution of higher learning dedicated to the development of our students, our city, our communities, and our state. We are a game-changing force for our students and have been recognized as one of the top colleges in the nation improving their upward economic mobility. Whether enrolled in one of our undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs at our three locations, NJCU students have access to an affordable, diverse environment, and an exceptionally supportive faculty. This prepares them to go on to become the next generation of workers and leaders who improve their communities and the State of New Jersey.

About the A. Harry Moore School:
A. Harry Moore School, a team-driven, multidisciplinary demonstration and laboratory school, is a professional community of living and learning based on shared leadership, collaborative approaches, and research-based practice. They provide support to its students in developing independent living skills as well as access to academic, physical, therapeutic, social, and emotional growth opportunities so that students may achieve their fullest potential in school and beyond.

About the NJCU Educational Technology Department:
The Educational Technology Department is dedicated to incorporating technology that enhances the teaching and learning experiences of all individuals in educational spaces in meaningful ways to promote creativity, innovation, and inclusion.


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