州长菲尔·墨菲, Choose New Jersey and NJCU Sign Memorandums Of Understanding with Ireland’s Top Tech Universities and Incubators

April 27, 2022
NJCU & 选择新泽西爱尔兰之旅4月25日,10 01 28 AM 800x460

澳门新银河’s School of Business and Guarini Institute Extend NJCU’s International Reach with Historic MOU

JERSEY CITY, N.J. | 州长菲尔·墨菲与“选择新泽西总统”一起 & 首席执行官韦斯利·马修斯, celebrated the signing of three Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) on April 25 between New Jersey academic and real estate entities with top Irish tech universities and a prominent startup accelerator. The MOUs aim to create mutually beneficial opportunities and forge collaboration in innovative projects that foster entrepreneurship, 业务发展, 职业发展, 与澳门新银河.  

澳门新银河 (NJCU) was the only four-year New Jersey higher educational institution as part of these historical discussions and partnerships, as leaders from NJCU商学院 and 瓜里尼澳门新银河和经济流动研究所 joined the delegation of Governor Murphy and Choose New Jersey’s Mathews on a trip which will continue to expand NJCU’s international footprint.

“A consistent effort of my administration has been helping New Jersey institutions in identifying and partnering with entities that can help grow New Jersey’s economy and create good-paying jobs,” said Governor Murphy. “今天巩固的伙伴关系是这些努力取得成果的一个例子. The MOUs signed today will further propel New Jersey’s path toward economic progress as we welcome new partnerships, opportunities, 以及对澳门新银河国家的看法. Today’s announcement will facilitate international collaborations that will spur economic growth and build a vibrant technology ecosystem rooted in New Jersey’s legacy of innovation.”   

NJCU & 选择新泽西爱尔兰之旅4月25日9月51日13上午

“新泽西是全球科技中心,” 韦斯利·马修斯,选择新泽西州的总裁兼首席执行官dded. “The MOUs signed today demonstrate that international institutions recognize what we already know – that the state’s unique combination of top-tier universities, talent, infrastructure, 理想的地理位置使澳门新银河对全球机构极具吸引力. Choose New Jersey is proud to facilitate these partnerships and assist more Irish companies as they consider growth opportunities in New Jersey.”

双方签署了第一份谅解备忘录 NJCU 大西洋理工大学(ATU). Most notably, the agreement calls for connecting companies participating in the ATU incubator programs and companies aligned with NJCU商学院 and the 瓜里尼澳门新银河和经济流动研究所, 分别是新泽西州和爱尔兰西部和西北部的生态系统. Both schools will facilitate student trips to the other’s campuses to complement 职业发展 opportunities and engage in faculty exchanges and connections. Furthermore, the MOU will provide access to working space at the NJCU School of Business innovation center for ATU entrepreneurs to explore expansion into the U.S. market.

“This agreement with Atlantic Technological University will benefit our respective communities by leveraging the considerable talent and abilities of our faculty, staff, and students,” said Dr. NJCU商学院创始院长Bernard McSherry说. “Working together, 促进经济发展, 以及随之而来的好工作, 在新泽西和爱尔兰"

“我迫不及待地想看到这次合作的成果,”他说 Dr. 奥拉·弗林,ATU主席. “The arrangement signed today with NJCU will open doors of collaboration and opportunity for both partners and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with NJCU.” 

The second MOU signed is between NJCU and Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC) with each signee agreeing to connect companies associated with each to the other’s ecosystem for the purpose of 业务发展 and knowledge-sharing. NJCU将为与GEC相关的初创公司提供工作空间,作为一种软着陆,以测试美国市场.S. market. In turn, GEC will offer experiential learning opportunities and invite NJCU faculty and students to visit the GEC and learn more about the Irish tech ecosystem. 

“NJCU is committed to increasing the economic mobility of our students by championing initiatives that foster innovative career opportunities with international entities,” said Dr. Adrian Franco, 瓜里尼澳门新银河和经济流动研究所执行主任. “We look forward to connecting our students and faculty with the GEC and facilitating interactions between this world-renowned incubator and the business ecosystem in New Jersey.”

Eamonn Sayers, GEC中心经理 added, “This partnership will be a huge asset to our member companies and the wider Irish startup ecosystem who now have access to the major tech hub on the East Coast of the United States. The relationship with NJCU will mean access to workspace as well as key introductions to capital firms and 业务发展 opportunities.”

Dr. 佛朗哥,墨菲州长,博士. McSherry
Dr. 阿德里安·弗兰科(左)和博士. 伯纳德·麦克雪利(右)与新泽西州州长菲尔·墨菲一同前往.


The Ireland and New Jersey MOUs agreements mark the second historic trip NJCU商学院 and Guarini Institute have embarked on this academic year. 2021年11月,新泽西大学作为选择新泽西代表团的一部分前往以色列 促成了NJCU和阿什杜德港之间的谅解备忘录 这将促进创新, 经济发展与澳门新银河, 并利用NJCU的专业知识 供应链、物流与港口管理.

Choose New Jersey is a privately funded 501 (c)(3) economic development organization with a mission to stimulate job creation and attract capital investment to New Jersey. Choose New Jersey markets New Jersey both domestically and internationally as the best place to grow a business in the United States. Knowledgeable, experienced staff, 得到国家机构和私人伙伴网络的支持, provide free, 协助指导公司在新泽西开展业务. 通过利用商业的力量, labor, 学术和政府领导, “选择新泽西”使该州所有经济部门都能实现增长, 希望为所有人建设一个更强大、更繁荣的新泽西. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.choosenj.com.

About NJCU:
澳门新银河 is an institution of higher learning with an audacious goal: the development of our students, our city, our communities, our state, 和外面的世界. 对于澳门新银河的学生和他们的家庭来说,澳门新银河是一股改变游戏规则的力量. 澳门新银河的学生是否在50名本科生中注册, 30个研究生或3个博士项目在澳门新银河的三个地点 在泽西城的主校区, our School of Business 位于泽西城金融区的中心,或澳门新银河最新的位置在 蒙茅斯堡NJCU @ 沿着泽西海岸扩展学士和硕士学位课程, NJCU提供了一个负担得起的, 多样的环境, and an exceptionally supportive faculty—all of which prepares them to be critical thinkers in a global landscape.

澳门新银河也在改变澳门新银河的城市、澳门新银河的社区和澳门新银河的州的游戏规则. 作为泽西城的教育中心, 澳门新银河已经建立了伙伴关系,以确保该地区的增长直接惠及澳门新银河的学生和社区成员. 澳门新银河致力于改善花园之州每个人的生活, 是否为艺术创造一个家, 为K-12学生提供教育项目, 与社区大学合作提供学士学位, 或者为成年人提供职业发展机会.

在NJCU,澳门新银河不只是教育思想,澳门新银河是滋养灵魂和提升社区. 澳门新银河正在改变游戏规则.


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