March 1, 2022
NJCU and CareerSpring

全国在线就业介绍和网络平台,加强南京理工大学对职业信息的承诺, Social Capital and Job Placement Services


JERSEY CITY, N.J. | New Jersey City University (NJCU) has partnered with CareerSpring 面向全国第一代大学生的在线就业和社交平台 to 加强对第一代大学生的就业支持,弥补了这方面的不足 54 percent of the institution’s undergraduate population. NJCU是新泽西州第一个加入国家非营利教育合作伙伴网络的教育机构.

Employers are looking for smart, driven, and diverse talent. 第一代大学生正在寻找高质量的就业机会. All too often, the two never meet. This unrealized opportunity is both frustrating and unsustainable. 它损害了澳门新银河的社区必须从努力工作和目标驱动的个人的向上流动中获得的经济和社会杠杆,损害了第一代大学毕业生的尊严,他们应该有机会从事有意义的工作,最大限度地发挥他们的潜力.

“在第一代学生的整个本科生涯中,对他们进行指导是很重要的,” explains Christina Rolon, Director of NJCU’s TRiO Learning Community Program. “他们努力追求成功,但却不知道如何达到他们的学术和职业目标. 通过为他们提供方向和资源,他们获得了坚持下去所需的自信.”

通过与CareerSpring的合作,Rolon提到的资源现在变得更加强大. 这个在线求职和社交平台将为学生提供免费的职业信息, 数以百计的现实世界的专业人士致力于网络和指导, 以及为高质量的雇主与第一代人才匹配的就业安置服务.

“第一代学生在澳门新银河的学生中占了很大一部分, 澳门新银河希望在如何支持他们从大学过渡到职业生涯方面非常用心,” says Josh Iannuzzi, Career Services Director of NJCU’s School of Business.


“很多第一代大学生都做得很好, as far as going to college and working their tails off to graduate. 但他们往往走到了终点,却没有专业背景或人脉 what a lot of us refer to as ‘social capital’ to land a job that maximizes their potential,” shares Paul Posoli, Founder and President of CareerSpring.

Through NJCU and CareerSpring’s collaboration, 成千上万的大学第一代大学生可以在这个非营利性的职业平台上建立一个免费账户. 这个“Advisee”账户成了学生们访问数百个职业信息视频的虚拟网关, 这个网络拥有超过750名不同的专业人士,他们有意成为平台上的“顾问”,为第一代学生提供咨询, and search for and apply to high-quality internships and jobs. CareerSpring提供实习和工作机会的50多家雇主也是有意为之. As committed Sponsors and Partners in the CareerSpring Network, they’re looking to recruit diverse, early talent that adds value to their organizations.

Through this partnership between NJCU and CareerSpring, they will team to help students win, help employers win, 并将学校打造成不仅为第一代大学生服务和毕业的模范学校, but also supporting their long-term career.


我相信NJCU与CareerSpring的合作将为澳门新银河的学者提供一个导师和雇主的网络 这些关系可以拓宽他们的选择,最大限度地发挥他们未来成功的潜力,” celebrates Sabrina Magliulo, who directs the University’s Opportunity Scholarship Program.

NJCU第一代学生的6年毕业率是全国平均水平的两倍多. Iannuzzi sees this as “success that is too worthwhile to waste,这也是促使他与CareerSpring合作的原因.

Dr. NJCU负责学生事务的副校长乔迪·贝利对此非常赞同.

“Career readiness is imperative for our students,” emphasizes Dr. Bailey. “Through this partnership with CareerSpring, we’re excited to support career counseling, mentoring, and assistance for our students. 创建这样的路径可以帮助澳门新银河的学生在毕业前保持和坚持.”

Posoli is also excited about the organizations’ collaborative efforts. “像这样的合作伙伴关系将帮助CareerSpring帮助更多的第一代大学生开始有意义的职业生涯.”

如果你是NJCU的第一代大学生,并且对CareerSpring感兴趣, contact Jodi Bailey, Vice President for Student Affairs (jbailey2@mrshaydenworld.com)或凯业春纽约/东北地区项目协调员Kaitlyn (Kati) Abdul (kabdul@careerspring.org) for more information. If you are a NJCU faculty or staff member, alumnus, or supporter, 你可以了解更多关于成为CareerSpring视频志愿者的信息, Advisor, or Employer Partner, by emailing learnmore@careerspring.org.

About NJCU:
澳门新银河是一所具有大胆目标的高等学府:学生的发展, our city, our communities, our state, and the world beyond. We are a game-changing force for our students and their families. Whether our students are enrolled in one of our 50 undergraduate, 30 graduate or three doctoral programs, NJCU provides an affordable, diverse environment, 以及非常支持的教师,所有这些都使他们成为全球格局中的批判性思考者.

澳门新银河也在改变澳门新银河的城市、社区和州的游戏规则. As the educational anchor institution in Jersey City, 澳门新银河已经建立了合作伙伴关系,以确保该地区的增长直接惠及澳门新银河的学生和社区成员. We seek to improve the lives of everyone in the Garden State, whether creating a home for the arts, bringing educational programs to K-12 students, 与社区学院合作提供学士学位, or providing professional development opportunities for adults.

在NJCU,澳门新银河不仅仅是在教育思想,澳门新银河还在滋养灵魂,提升社区. We’re changing the game.


Ira Thor
, 大学传播和媒体关系高级主任| ithor@mrshaydenworld.com | 201-200-3301